Aldo Di Russo

Concepts and abstractions that do not ultimately lead to perceptions are like paths in a wood that end without any way out.
Arthur Schopenhauer
In this section two case studies I have been honored to direct for two exhibitions produced at the Camber of deputies in the Italian Parliament. The multi images are an example of reuse of historical contents collected from very many historical archives. The first "Voices from the Constitution" deals from the liberation war to the republic, the second celebrates 150 anniversary of Italian Parliament

Click here to watch the multi vision about Italia Constitution
556 women and men of all ages, from all Italian regions and social classes. elected to draw the Constitution of Republic of Italy. Some of these men and women became great political leader. Some enterer on duty in the Institutions. Some others went back to their previous business. But all of them left an indelible print of their presence. To all of them this multi vision show has been dedicated.

Click here to watch the multivision Representing Italy
A multivision is created on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Italian Parliament. A chronological summary of the events that changed the history of Italy is the setting for the quotes drawn from the founding fathers of the state and significant moments of literature and culture. This thread holds together a long history of ideas that supports the path of the debate on institutions and on parliamentary democracy.

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