Aldo Di Russo

During the Expò 2015 I have been charged to direct most of the films and experiences of the first and therd floor in the Italian Pavillon. Films and experiences, produced by Unicity in cohoperation with CSC Milan, have been visited by more that 20 million people in six months.
Different languages and different technologies set up to ensure the best result on the stage.
The Strength of Workmenship
22 short stories of women and men who daily striving to produce sustainable economy sometime starting from a dream which became real. Business man, scientist, countrymen, migrant, fisherwomen, shepherd, "three star" chefs but one aim really Italian: lining up mind and hands to increase value for future generations.
The experience starts on a wooden "monument" conceived and designed by Gioforma as a storytelling object thanks to a projection mapping film.
The video is a conversation with Marco Balich, creative director of the Italian Pavillon and Florian Boje designer of the sculpture
The Strength of Beauty Reborn.
The beauty is in a delicate balance. An earthquake destroyed the ceiling of the Assisi Basilica, an outstanding value for mankind. The short film celebrates both: the Italian school of restoration and Giotto as the first modern painter, starting point of our age. I have had the fortune and the honor to spend three days with my crew in front of those masterpieces face to face to an epistemic fracture of our visual philosophy. An unforgettable week leaving the short video I like to show. The work has been possible thanks to the enthusiasm and help of the Franciscan Friers who care the holy place and Prof Sergio Fusetti who directs the restoration.
The Strength of Limits
22 stories of women and men who use limits as driving force to fuel ingeniousness and creativity.
What is considered impossible is what pushes "genio italico" to extend any man possibilities. So: tomatoes that it is possible to crop on Mars, "basilico" under the sea, scientists studying the DNA of the beans or the plants energy cycle efficiency are examples of the stories we collected, conceived and wrote transforming twenty-two people in actors for a single day.
The video is a conversation with the authors and Maurizio Nichetti who directed the students of CSC Milan conceiving graphic, animation and post production
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