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The pleasure of admiring should be replaced with the pleasure to know
Andrè Marlaux
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After thirtyfive years of work in industrial and cultural heritage audio visuals, I am still looking for the end of the yard: images and sounds together need a continuous research and a great amount of imagination to tell a story, to strongly focus on daily life, history and culture. Put it on stage, on screen, is still a tremendous pleasure, I cannot do without. After thirty years I feel to be a baby that can not bring himself to grow up, fearing someone will take away the toys. Browse the pages, please contact me for further information, together we can try to change the shape of an emotion. This portfolio represents part of my production and my philosophy of approach. Some of the works are analyzed in detail with notes of direction and creative paths. I am grateful to all the producers, the artists and the collaborators who have rendered all this possible.

Aldo Di Russo
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